Until recently it had been considered impossible to own and operate an original modern era F1 car, the technology was considered too comlpex to operate outside of an F1 team. Several modern era cars have been converted to run with none original engines, gearboxes and electronics to provide a driveable car but in doing so the originality of the car is lost. TDF provides the technology, experience and support required to succesfuly operate a modern era, privately owned Formula 1 car in original Grand Prix specification.

TDF GP are capable of refurbishing to zero KM standard and original specification V10 and late V8 era ex F1 cars. Our abiltiies and services include:

- Maintenance and refurbishment of GP level electronics including those supplied by TAG, MM and Cosworth.

- Maintenance and refurbishment of Moog valve controlled actuators and assocated components. Including test and validation of Moog servo valves commonly used for clutch, throttle and gear selection actuation on 95 - current F1 cars.

- Ability to duplicate a number of rare or no longer available sensors, actuators and control electronics including gearbox control and historic pressure transducers.

- Ability to duplicate or re-engineer missing, incomplete or no longer available spare parts including wheel nuts, drive shafts, uprights, brake bells, wishbones, oil tanks etc. from a drawing, pattern part or from scratch.

- Whole car build and refurbishment including rebuild of complete cars and the rebuild to track ready standard of ex PR and show cars based around ex race tubs.

- Upgrade and refurbishment of fuel systems including modernisation where appropriate and replacement tank design and installation.

- Design and build of support systems e.g. hydraulic fill rigs/hydraulic power packs, off and on board starter systems, refueling and fuel drain/measurments rigs and electronics/telemetry systems.

We welcome any enquires from individuals with an interest in acquiring, running or organising support of ex F1 cars, to discuss your requirements please contact us.

Worldwide support for privately owned ex F1 cars.