Gearbox and Clutch Control

TDF is a technical partner of Shiftec, the world leaders in paddleshift technology and uses Shiftec technology and products to deliver bespoke control solutions for gearbox and clutch on a variety of vehicles including ex F1 cars and low volume production cars.

Shiftec components and our bespoke installations offer unique advantages and a real cost reduction for competition vehicles. It reduces gearbox wear, clutch wear, prevents engine over rev and provides a faster, more reliable gear change.

In addition our unique understanding of vehicle control systems allows us to provide blip and cut functionality on OEM drive by wire ECUs to allow the installation of sequential gearboxes on a variety of vehicles using road car engine and electronics packages.

Control Solutions for the following vehicles/actuator packages/gearboxes are available on request:

- GP2 MM Hydraulic gearbox/clutch.

- A1GP MM Hydraulic gearbox/clutch

- Megane Trophy / FR3.5 MM Hydraulic gearbox/clutch

- Sadev all variants.

- Pre closed loop hydraulic barrel control F1 gearboxes.

- Hewland all variants.

- Xtrac all variants including direct shuttle actuation gearboxes.

- F1 Fly By Wire Clutch. Air or Hydraulic actuation.

- Porsche 996/997 all variants with sequential gearbox.

- VAG/Seat Cup Cars including Golf and Leon with OE Road car ECUs to allow fitment of Sadev ST90.

Bespoke control solutions can be developed on request for almost any sequential gearbox or conventional sprung clutch applicaiton. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.